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The truth about $2000 Roof Restorations

There is a major difference between roof restoration and roof painting job. Any job that is quoted at less than $3300 is NOT COVERED by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) formerly known as Building Services Authority (BSA). Even if the contractor has a QBCC/BSA license the QBCC/BSA will not cover any work they costs less than $3300 despite the contractor holding a license.

Often jobs under $3300 will promise 3 coats but will only do 2 possibly watered down coats. These jobs will often not include any repointing or only spot repoints that are messy and often crumble and fall away. Broken tiles will most likely not be replaced only repaired using silicone (this is a short term fix when waiting for tile replacement). A cheap job will not include valley clips, which are necessary to prevent valley tiles moving in order to prevent leaks. Lastly, jobs that are quoted this low will not include taping up which means overspray damaging gutters, gables and patios- leaving unsightly damage.

On a final note when signing a contract with any contractor – reliable or not- be careful to take note of the warranty details. A 10 year warranty may not cover all aspects of the job. Some warranties will only cover coating and or workmanship for 7 years – that is the true length of your warranty.

Roof looks fine from a distance

DSC 0703
DSC 0704

Overspray on the gutters

DSC 0716
DSC 0728
DSC 0705

Sloppy Pointing

Poor quality and seperating from the tiles

DSC 0711
DSC 0714
DSC 0708

Not replacing broken tiles

Broken tiles are not replaced and painting is done over silicone

DSC 0710
DSC 0709

Valley Issues

Valleys unlipped, not aligned and left dirty before paiting. This could cause peeling issues.

DSC 0723
DSC 0713
DSC 0722
DSC 0715

Uneven spraying and Dry Lines

DSC 0718
DSC 0717
DSC 0719


DSC 0724
DSC 0734

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