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Our Quality Roof Restoration Process

Ultrashield Roof Restorations has over 15 years experience in the roof restoration and house painting industry. 

We provide you, our client with only the highest quality roof restorations, applying and using only the best products and equipment available in the roof restoration and house painting industry. 

We are approved Acryloc paint applicators which is backed by our 10 year written warranty and Acryloc's 10 year written product warranty. All our staff are fully qualified and Acryloc trained and accredited. 

We are always happy to assist our clients with all aspects of roof restorations, repairs as well as house painting.   We offer you a free, no obligation quotation with a full written roof inspection of your roof.

Setting up Rails

1 rails
2 rails

Low Set Harness

2.3 low set harness
2.1 low set harness
2.2 low set harness

Ladder Strapping

DSC 0981
resized ladder gaurd
3 ladder strap

Replace Broken Tiles

DSC 0979
6 replace broken tiles

Dam and Pump Waste Water

resize dam gutter
7 dam and pump waste water
8 dam and pump waste water

Redirect Waste Water and Insert Down Pipe Filter

11 down pipe guard2
10 disconect down pipes and water tanks
10.1 diconect down pipes

Cleaning Tiles

DSC 1102
17 pressure clean noise of tiles
16 wirlaway clean face of tiles

Pressure Clean Pointing

18 pressure clean pointing2
19 pressure clean pointing

Gutter and General Cleaning

20 clean out all gutters scope out2
23 clean up job mess 2
22 clean up job mess

Remove Caps for Rebed

DSC 1226
25 remove caps for rebed
24 cut for rebead

Rebed Caps

DSC 1248
26 rebed cleen slate
30 finished rebed


31 repiont
32 finish repoint
33 finnished repoint

Valley Sealing and Tiling

34 cut valey tiles
35.2 putting valley seal in and realing vales
35 putting valley seal and realing vales

Valley Clips

DSC 0029
36.1 valley clips installed
36 install valley clips2

Install Whirly Birds

DSC 0032
37 instaling wirly bird

Tape up Solar Panels

38 tape up solour panels

Tape up Gables

39 tape up gabbles

Tape up Inserts

40 tape up inserts

Apply Mould Rid

42.1 aply sealer

Apply Sealer

42 aply sealer

Apply top Coat of Paint

44 first top coat

Apply Final Coat of Paint

45 final coat

Supply Spare Tiles

5 spare tiles
46 spray spare tiles

Brush Barge Caps

47 brush barge caps in

Completed Job

20120806 2

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